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Eat With the Seasons...
the Easy Way!
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Wild Pansy Farm is owned and operated by Sean Cox & Ann Craig. We strive to mimic nature and its systems to grow tasty, fresh and healthy food for our community. Healthy food is fun, and we love growing new and exciting vegetables, herbs and flowers to share with all. We aim to help our customers eat with the seasons...the easy way!


Get our fresh veggies at the
Rose Hill Farm Stop


What’s more, we value transparency around growing the food you eat. Beyond using organic and sustainable farming practices, we are currently looking into becoming Certified Naturally Grown. In advance of this certification, we follow CNG guidelines to reduce harm to the environment and improve the land. You can read more about our growing practices including pest management, soil fertility, and water usage here.

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Each week, we bring the best of our seasonal fresh vegetables and herbs to the Rose Hill Farm Stop in Bloomington, IN.


The Rose Hill Farm Stop

902 West Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington, Indiana 47404


 Recipe Book 

Part of the joy of food is preparing it! Wild Pansy offers free original recipes to experiment with your favorite produce.


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