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Meet the Farmers

Grunge Wood

Growing Practices

At Wild Pansy, we follow organic and sustainable farming practices.


What’s more, we value transparency around growing the food you eat. Beyond using organic and sustainable farming practices, we are currently looking into becoming Certified Naturally Grown. In advance of this certification, we follow CNG guidelines to reduce harm to the environment and improve the land. Read more about our intentional practices below.

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Soil fertility, water conservation, and season extension are core organic and sustainable methodologies on our farm.


We are currently looking into becoming Certified Naturally Grown; in advance of this certification, we follow CNG guidelines to reduce harm to the environment and improve the land.


We are building consistently healthy soil through compost created on-farm that is full of beneficial microbes and fungus. Renting land from a pasture raised livestock operation, (shout out to Nightfall Farm!), we have access to spent bedding that gets added to our compost. Additionally, we supplement our compost with certified organic fertilizers to treat any nutrient deficiencies. Our goal is to reduce our need for these fertilizers as we continue to build soil health over time. Further, cover cropping is used to increase the organic matter and protect the soil and we are working toward no-till permanent beds.


We use drip irrigation where appropriate and densely plant beds to reduce evaporation and make sure we are using this precious resource wisely. By increasing the organic matter in the soil through our on-farm compost, we also build water retention capacity. As well, keeping the soil covered with either crops or cover crops helps to stop erosion and reduce evaporation.


We want to provide produce to our community year round. We are working towards this by building High Tunnels, using row covers, and  planting perennials like chamomile, thyme and clover with intercropping..


We've got you! head over to our shop page to browse produce and build your cart. We'll do the rest!

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  • What are organic and sustainable farming practices and why are they important?
    The USDA ( United State Department of Agriculture) defines "Organic" as no application of prohibited substances like some herbicides and pesticides may be applied to the field. We take it a step further and want to build the health of the soil as well. Without healthy soil, healthy food cannot grow. To us, "sustainable" means working with Nature's systems and cycles to produce the best food we can. This is good for us, the bees and bugs, animals and water. We have to live here! Not only do we actively resist poisoning the earth through our organic practices, we want it to thrive through sustainable farming as well.
  • How can I buy food from Wild Pansy Farm?
    You can buy food from Wild Pansy Farm at the Seymour Farmers Market or sign up for our subscription boxes. Each week, members pick up boxes that are filled with a carefully curated assortment of the best produce, fruit, herbs and eggs the season has to offer. Check out more information on the Subscription Box page.
  • Do you have volunteer opportunities, internships, etc.?"
    We do offer internships and volunteer activities! If you are interested in interning with Wild Pansy Farm, send us an email at Let us know a little about yourself and what you need out of an internship and we can begin a discussion. We also have Working Memberships where you come out to the farm and work in trade for our Subscription Boxes. We have limited spots so check out the Get Involved page for more information on Working Memberships. We are a working farm and are not open to the public on a regular basis, but if you'd like to schedule a visit, please contact us at
  • What are the ethics and values of Wild Pansy Farm?
    Take only what you need, give back in return, and there will be enough for everyone. Observe and facilitate with Nature; she knows more than us and it is our responsibility to match her methods as best as we can.
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